A Baguio Quickie

Posted on: December 11, 2016 at 5:45 am

Sometimes, a weekend is all you have (or less) when you’re in Baguio for a quick break, a family engagement, or a business trip. Meaning, you leave Manila by bus or by car in the late evening to arrive in Baguio in the morning. And from there, you’ve only got the whole Saturday and part of Sunday to attend events and meetings, as well as squeeze in a little something for yourself.
It’s always important to do a little something for yourself outside of social or business engagements out-of-town. Think about it: you’ve already made the trip, you should try to experience some of the sights and culture of wherever you are – in this case, Baguio!
If you are staying at C and want to enjoy Baguio on a quickie, here are some of our tips:

  1. Walk to Mines View Park. To the left of the hotel is a small side street that goes up. It’s actually a short back road to Mines View Park that’ll take only about 10 minutes. At Mines View, you can sample the vistas of Baguio – overlooking the cliffs. Imagine, years before, young Igorot children would climb these cliffs and catch visitors’ coins: a dangerous and fascinating tourist attraction and livelihood (for the ones that do it). Thankfully, this activity is now banned.
    Here, you’ll also be able to shop for silver, fruits, shirts, and other souvenirs.
  2. Grab some baked goods at Kiwi’s Bread and Pastry Shop, named after New Zealand’s national bird. This is actually en route to Mines View Park via the backroad from C. Some of our favorites include their kiwi muffins made from fresh kiwi fruit, and their chocolate pandesal. Perfect for snacking as you walk around the park. Kiwi’s is at #1 Torres Street, Mines View.
  3. Bring home some passion fruit! Fruit vendors also line the shopping area of Mines View Park. For about PhP 10 a piece – sometimes, if you haggle, they will give it to you for cheaper – passion fruit is a sweet, tangy, crunchy, and refreshing treat. Haven’t seen or tasted passion fruit? … It can take a while to get used to for some, looking a bit alien-like inside, but it is crunchy (you eat the seeds) and the soft, flesh around the seeds taste like sweet ponkan jelly.
  4. Look for the old pine tree with the young boy balancing. From Mines View back to C, you can take the main road which is a bit longer but scenic and downhill. On your right, you’ll soon spot a giant pine tree with carvings on it, like a totem pole, and on one of its branches, a sculpture of a little boy balancing! The plaque below says that the tree is over a century old, surviving battles, fire, and time. It’s a sight to behold.
  5. Browse at Mt. Cloud Bookshop. This quaint little bookstore is in the Casa Vallejo Building, Upper Session Road. It’s small, but packed with good books, including a decent Filipiniana collection. Sometimes, they have story-telling sessions or book signings by authors and artists.
  6. Dine at Casa Vallejo. It’s in the same building as Mt. Cloud and is an awarded restaurant. It’s a bit fine dining, so prepare some nice clothes and your wallet.
  7. Watch a movie at the Baguio Cinematheque. Run by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), the cinematheque archives, restores, and shows long-forgotten Filipino movies in their 75-seat cinema. Best of all, they show the films for free! Check the schedule on Facebook: Now showing at the Baguio Cinematheque.

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