“Good morning! Welcome to C Boutique! Let me get your bags for you.”

Posted on: June 27, 2017 at 2:13 am

The words are simple and direct – anyone can say it. But Ryan, C Boutique Hotel’s Guest Experience Officer, says them with charm and eagerness that can relax a weary traveler.

Ryan Ambloza is the first person you’ll meet upon climbing the steps of C Boutique as he extends his hand for a firm, welcoming shake. From there, he takes your luggage and ushers you to the concierge to check in. While he brings you to your room, he’ll ask if there are any particular places in Baguio that you would like to see (or have not seen).

His question is not an attempt at small talk. As the Guest Experience Officer, Ryan’s job – other than making sure guests get the most comfort that the hotel can provide – is to tour people around the areas that surround C Boutique. Being a native of Baguio and having worked at the Department of Tourism (DOT), Ryan is the right man to show you around.

“My lola (grandmother) is a Mayoyao Ifugao so my roots in Baguio are deep,” says Ryan, a former bartender of the hotel. With C Boutique tucked away from the busy parts of Baguio, there are a lot of places to see on foot, which to Ryan, is the best way to experience things. “I know every place to see around here. And travelling on foot is a great way to see things up close.”

Indeed, nothing beats stopping when you want to and being able to interact and take photos. Ryan’s walking tour has a schedule: 9:00 am and at 2:30 in the afternoon. Guests can book a tour with him at the concierge and he’ll be ready at the lobby to take you for a stroll through Mines View Park, Good Shepherd, Veteran’s Tree, and St. Vincent’s Church. Or more, depending on how much walking you’re ready to do.

When he’s not busy doing tours, he can be found at the concierge, waiting on arriving guests and tending to their requests. “I want guests to feel at home and feel my personalized style of service,” he says. Ryan takes pride in his job when he sees guests enjoy their stay or when he is able to resolve complaints. “I like it when I am able to come up with solutions for our guests…I don’t like seeing them displeased because it reflects on the hotel and on me.”

Ryan credits his being a Baguio native for his work ethic and sense of ownership. “I love Baguio, I grew up here and I want visitors to see how beautiful it is. I can do that through my job.”

In his spare time, Ryan, who describes himself as a man of simple pleasures, prefers to stay in. “I like to relax at home, have a meal, watch some movies, do some chores.” The down time allows him to recharge and come back to the hotel and greet his guests with his trademark smile.

As a people person, Ryan is well-suited to the demands of his job, even if it means dealing with tough guests. Whenever he is confronted with a problem, he just visualizes the end goal – making sure the guest is happy and comfortable – and takes things step by step.

“The best satisfaction for me is seeing guests wave with a smile as they leave the hotel. It tells me that they enjoyed their stay and I contributed to that.”

So whenever you visit C Boutique Hotel, make sure to look for Ryan and ask about his tour. Or even just chit chat with him and hear his stories about growing up in Baguio as you sip your coffee by the garden.


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