Meet the People Behind C Boutique: Kimstone Peckley

Posted on: August 17, 2017 at 12:56 am

Operating a hotel is no easy task. There are many departments to juggle, people and personalities to manage. There are guests to please and problems to be solved. The hours are long and the responsibilities are high. On top of all that, you have to make it look easy because in the hospitality industry, finesse is a requirement.

Yes, it’s a tough job and it’s not for everybody. Fortunately Kimstone Peckley isn’t like everybody.  And finesse is something he has in abundance.

C Boutique Hotel Baguio Operations Manager Kimstone Peckley, a 2012 HRM (Hotel and Restaurant Management) graduate, is the person who makes sure the hotel functions smoothly. With Baguio’s ultra-competitive hotel industry, (no surprise since Baguio is the summer capital of the Philippines), Stone has to make sure that CBH is always on its A game.

This means making sure all the rooms are in pristine condition as guests will spend a majority of their time there. Since guests are on vacation, a good night’s sleep is a must, Peckley says. He personally oversees all 17 rooms and keeps housekeeping on their toes. And then there’s the rest of the hotel such as the garden, function/dining area, and the common room that needs to be kept immaculate. Peckley also makes sure no stone is unturned when it comes to those areas as well.

With this hands-on approach, Peckley still manages to make it look easy with his well-kept hair, sharp suit, and calm demeanor. This kind of grace is important because Peckley also has Front Desk duties so he has to be ready to greet guests and attend to their needs.

Kim, as he is called by his colleagues, works the way he does because he started from a rank and file position, which showed him the nuts and bolts of C Boutique. Having been at CBH since the beginning, Kim has risen from the ranks, accumulating knowledge and responsibilities – something he welcomes with eagerness.

“I chose this job because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone,” he said. Upon graduation, he had a job waiting for him as an instructor at his father’s criminology review center but he decided he wanted a challenge and pursue the career he had studied for.

Since then, he has not looked back and likes the unpredictable nature of his profession. “There’s a lot of variety and challenges because we deal with guests who can be demanding,” he shares. “We want to make sure we please them all so they can leave C Boutique with good memories.”

Operating a hotel is no easy task. And Kimstone Peckley wouldn’t want it any other way.

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